The Woodpecker®

Developed in Switzerland in 1992 by IMT and used by Orthopedic Surgeons worldwide. The Woodpecker represents an advancement of the Total Hip Arthroplasty procedure with over 3000 systems in use today. Facilities that chose to use the Woodpecker are: Brigham and Women’s (Harvard University), Johns Hopkins University, Ohio State University, and University of Utah.

Top ten reasons Surgeons are choosing to use the Woodpecker:

  • Accurate shaping of the femoral canal provides improved fit with press fit stems
  • Hoop stresses are minimized
  • Femoral fractures caused by excessive radial force can be avoided
  • Bone marrow emboli risk decreased
  • Successfully used in MIS procedures
  • Push button control allows the broaches to be orientated in increments of 90° to accommodate Surgeon preference or approach
  • User fatigue is reduced
  • Operating time is reduced
  • Trial fit with broach duplicates final fit of prosthesis
  • Oscillations are extremely efficient for cutting/removal of bone fragments

The Woodpecker Pneumatic Broaching System (1-year warranty)

  • Catalog #929 – the Woodpecker pneumatic broaching system and Hose Assembly, includes Operation Manual
  • Catalog #928 – the Woodpecker only, includes Operation Manual