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IMT-USA, LLC was founded in 2004.  Our business approach is simple: identify and promote Orthopaedic Products that represent unique solutions for Hip Replacement procedures; improving everyday outcomes for Patients, Surgeons and Hospitals.  We started with the Woodpecker to advance the art of Total Hip Arthroplasty using pneumatic broaching, which accurately shapes the proximal femur for the prosthesis.  Recently, we have added the EPM Mueller Extractor product line to assist Surgeons doing Hip Revision procedures.

IMT-USA offers a full line of accessories for the Woodpecker and the EPM Mueller Extractors.  All of our products can be serviced at our facility in Lino Lakes, Minnesota by factory-trained technicians. 

About Lino Lakes, Minnesota

  • Lino Lakes is located about 20 minutes north of the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis
  • There are 13 lakes in or bordering Lino Lakes
  • Lino Lakes was incorporated in 1955
  • Population of Lino Lakes was 19,885 in 2007
  • Weather Facts
    • Ave. High Temp in January is 23° F
    • Ave. High Temp in July is 83° F
    • Ave. Snowfall is 30 inches per winter
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City of Lino Lakes
IMT-USA has been located in Lino Lakes since 2004

red-headed woodpecker

About Woodpeckers

  • Woodpeckers are found on 5 out of the 7 continents (not Australia or Antarctica)
  • There are about 200 species of Woodpeckers worldwide (9 species can be found in MN)