EPM Mueller Extractors


The EPM Mueller Extractor is used in Revision Hip Arthroplasty procedures for removal of implanted prosthesis.  Its unique design allows the force to be transmitted directly along the center axis of the prosthesis, therefore eliminating the lateral forces which can result in fracture during extraction. 

The key to this instrument is the patented clamping mechanism and head with exceptional clamping force ensuring a secure connection between most instrument and implant necks and tapers commercially available.

The EPM Mueller Extractor can be fixed to the exposed neck of the prosthesis easily and removal can be accomplished with minimal effort.

Slide Hammer Extractor (2 year warranty)

  • Catalog #700 Extractor Set Includes:
    • Open Head
    • Closed Head
    • Sliding Spacer (8-16 mm)

IMT-USA, LLC is seeking surgeon feedback on a new EPM Mueller Pneumatic Extractor. The Pneumatic Extractor is used with the Woodpecker® pneumatic broaching system.  The robust vibration of the Woodpecker® ensures the cement mantel is broken quickly and efficiently without damage to the femur or surrounding soft tissue.  A proto-type Pneumatic Extractor is available for clinical use; please contact IMT-USA, LLC for more information.