EPM Mueller Extractors cleaning and sterilizing

The EPM Mueller Extractor and accessories are supplied non-sterile. 


  • Disassemble before cleaning
  • Hand wash, use neutral PH or slightly alkaline detergent according to the recommendations of the detergent manufacturer.
  • Use soft, lint-free cloths or towels, plastic brushes or cleaning guns
  • Never immerse stainless steel instruments in a physiological salt (NaCl) solution; it will lead to pitting and stress corrosion cracking
  • Only validated machine cleaning and disinfecting processes should be used


  • Extractor set is fully autoclavable
  • Leave Extractor disassembled during sterilization
  • Use autoclave according to standard hospital sterilization procedures and within the guidelines of the autoclave manufacturer.


  • Store at room temperature in dry conditions. Condensation may cause subsequent corrosion damage.