OEM Compatible Adapters

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IMT-USA has re-engineered our line of OEM compatible adapters to be more robust and ultimately last longer in the field.  We have thoroughly evaluated the stress points and addressed these areas of concern.  The new adapter is manufactured with fewer components and with renewable linkages so that adapters can be serviced if necessary.  This will eliminate the need to replace the adapter after years of use.  Testing of the new design has taken place and after 6 hours of continuous use – which equates to about 3 years of use in the field – there was no discernable wear or damage to the adapter. 

The re-engineered adapters will be released according to market demand.  The current schedule is as follows (subject to change).  Sign up for the IMT-USA Newsletter for updates on availability.

Smith & Nephew
Stryker Accolade
Zimmer VerSys
DePuy Summit
Currently Available
Currently Available
TBD, call for inquires
Currently Available

If the adapter you require is not currently available, please contact IMT-USA for information on modifying a broach handle to be compatible with the Woodpecker┬«.  

Tray updated to include Sterilization Instructions

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At the request of customers and in response to the growing number of calls received each month inquiring about the sterilization instructions for The Woodpecker┬«, IMT-USA has redesigned the tray to include the cleaning and sterilization instructions on the underside of the tray lid.  This should help eliminate questions which arise in Central Sterilization Processing departments and also keep the Woodpecker in excellent operating condition by following the proper cleaning and sterilization instructions.  Contact IMT-USA for pricing on the Sterilization Tray.

Laser-Mark your Woodpecker

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As more and more Woodpeckers are being used in hospitals, we are seeing an increase in the number of instruments which are returned to the wrong owner.  In order to prevent this from happening to you and to protect your investment, IMT-USA recommends laser-marking your Woodpecker with your name!  IMT-USA offers a 2-day turn-around for this service.  “Property of Your Name Here” will be laser-marked on the handle of the Woodpecker. Contact IMT-USA for more information and pricing on the Laser-Marking for your Woodpecker.


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